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Zack Brown: We could make a porno.  Miriam Linky: Not the idea I was lookin’ for.
Zack Brown: What? No, that is a fuckin’ awesome idea. Are you shitting me? That guy, Brandon St. Randy, Bobby Long’s boyfriend, he said he makes a hundred grand a year because he shoots and distributes his own porno flicks.
Miriam Linky: If it’s so easy, how come everybody doesn’t do it?
Zack Brown: Because other people have options – and dignity – which we do not have, which puts us in an amazingly advantageous position!
-Zack and Miri Make a Porno
solo masturbation photo shoot

Do you like the soft, slight glimpse of my scruff–my tough, hairy pussy? I’m gripping my favorite new white dress, revealing a flash, ever so dirty yet with an air of innocence.

I’m getting over a week-long bout with a torn ligament/cyst in my spine, not to mention a flu-like UTI/kidney infection which has caused a week-long fever. This was no fun!! Also, just after getting over a kidney infection of her own–my friend was diagnosed with chlamydia in her eye!!!!

How on earth did this happen? Well, it all started with the cum shot, which went awry…and some sperm got in her eye! I want you all to remember that ORAL SEX is a great way to transmit STDs, and facials are even worse. She was using condoms when she fucked this guy, however she exclaimed how much she “just loved facials” and took this chance, a momentary lapse in judgment. But his misfire almost caused her to lose sight in her right eye.

If someone cums on your ass, remember that sperm are fast swimmers and can make their way to and IN your asshole very efficiently. Now, if the mere idea of getting an STD does not scare you into setting up some limitations or at least wearing protection–I want you to think about the pain. STDs are parasites. Bad bacteria. Viruses. They all come with lovely symptoms and 100% of them are gross, pussy, smelly, visible, inflamed, and PAINFUL. No more sucking dick during a herpes outbreak. You’re lucky if you can eat. Or see. Or live. So after our incident in the Urgent Care, with a hilarious Doctor who actually said, “You put that dirty thing in your mouth?! I know, I know,” (while examining Rin’s throat) I learned a lot about the current strains of STDs. And what scared me was, there is a version of gonorrhea out there right now that does not come with a treatment. And it will kill you.

I’m not perfect. In fact, it’s probably the unprotected sex I had that caused my Urinary Tract Infection. But I’m learning my lessons little by little and kicking the men out of my life who have been bringing me down and distracting me from my priorities. I vow to practice SAFE SEX. That means condoms, birth control (IUD for me), no oral bareback, no cum in mouth, and no facials. UNLESS I am in a committed relationship with this person or I have seen their test results (in a porn shooting situation).

These are my limitations. Do you know what yours are? This is important for both men and women to define to help further explore our sexual identities and values. What do you guys think? Have you experienced any similar embarrassing situations at the ER? Having to own up to someone and don’t know how to tell them you might have given them an STD? Please use this as a forum for discussion, advice, and counsel.


Here are the symptoms for chlamydia in the eye:

 6-week duration of red eyes associated with mild discharge, foreign body sensation, tearing, blurred vision, and swollen eye lids. Also, a clear, bubble-like protrusion on the white of the eye.

It is commonly mistaken for a random eye infection, but it will not go away even with the strongest steroid eye drops. ANTIBIOTIC pills and eye drops are used to treat chlamydia.

Although chlamydia is the most common STD/STI in the US, it is also very dangerous when left untreated and can lead to reproductive damage or blindness. If you are not sure whether or not you have an eye infection, always have your doctor TREAT or TEST for chlamydia. It is too serious to “wait and see” if steroidal eye drops will solve the problem. Take your healthcare into your own hands. Do your research. Listen to your body.

What Men Should Know:

Some  infected men have discharge from their penis or a burning sensation when  urinating. Pain and swelling in one or both testicles (known as “epididymitis”)  may also occur, but is less common.Chlamydia  can also infect the rectum in men and women, either through receptive anal sex,  or possibly via spread from the cervix and vagina. While these infections often  cause no symptoms, they can cause rectal pain, discharge, and/or bleeding  (known as “proctitis”).

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Fet Life

Here are clips from my various fetish videos that do not include lactation. These are found in my Clips4Sale Store. I am getting ready to prepare for a time when my body may not produce milk, but that does not mean I am done with porn! I have many more ideas I’d like to bring to fruition. And many more innovations left un created. Take a look, let me know if you like what you see. I always take comments, criticism, and of course compliments! :)

<3 Marie : Milfy Mama Marie Milking & Lactating : Breast Milk For Men

Confessions of a Stripper

Here’s how my first three weeks of being an exotic dancer have gone down.

A guy asked me the other day, How would I feel if my daughter worked at the strip club. Well I had never thought about this before. So he prompted me to ponder the possibility. And here is how I feel. I refuse to judge my daughter for any adult decision she makes. Because I am no different. A human being. Imperfect as I may be. What right do I have to judge another–to try and speculate to why that person does what they do? I do not walk in their shoes. All I can do is empathize. I will always love her no matter who she is or what she does. I owe that to her as her mother.

So let’s talk business. Im going to document my experiences as a dancer working ten hour shifts at the club four times a week. Ill record how much money I make as well. Im going to be honest. This will serve as public record to reveal the ins and outs, as well as the dirty truths about strip clubs.

Other than the guys who refused to pay a fellow worker after getting 13 lap dances from her, things have ran pretty smoothly. The girls are great. There is the occasional drama and yes I have been sent home already for breaking the rules (more on that later.) For now, as I promised-my weekly earnings. This is the amount I bring home after my pay outs and tips to the club.

MON $50
SAT $280

Here is how I pay the club–
For every $30 lap dance I owe management $8. For every $20 dance they get $6. When I first get to work I pay a $5 cover charge. When I get off the stage, for every $11 I make I give the bartender $2. For every $30 I make on stage I pay out $6. I tip the bartender $1-2 for each drink/meal. And I tip the DJ $5 at the end of the night as well as slipping the guy who walks me to my car another $5.

Hope you all appreciate my honesty and forthrightness throughout this process. I’m hoping to create a new foundation for discovery-some important research which will prove to be revealing.

Take care,

More adventures to follow!

Breastmilk For Men

New Friends New Faces

My girlfriend Asia and I are practicing our moves–obviously partying too hard and making fools of ourselves for the camera. She is young, only 19–and a sexy stripper who I picked up at the club one night and we’ve been friends ever since.

She likes to have “lingerie parties” over at my place. Not even five minutes after this girl enters my door her pants are off. Remember that I have a stripper pole in my house? She loves it. As much as she loves the limelight. But she is an excellent instructor in the art of pole dancing. And I love her sexy tight body. This girl is SUCH a tease! She claims to not suck dick!! And @RinEvangeline is my NEW ROOMMATE!!!! Her and I are like, WTF?! YOU DON’T SUCK DICK? HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SUCK DICK???!!! But regardless, this chick is hardcore, smart, and reminds me of myself when I was 19. So we’ve become besties. And tomorrow night we are having a dysfunctional family dinner. It’s like a potluck. Asia and Rin will be there. I’m baking cheesecake. :) Rin is making homemade mac n cheese (true to her Midwestern roots) and Asia is making Shepherds Pie.

I will be documenting this transition into my new family dynamic, as RinEvangeline and I share a home and run a porn business together. (We plan on launching a couple new sites very soon!) So please stay tuned. I promise to not leave you hanging again, my dear Fan.

I am back, and here to stay. As long as my milk does. And even after. ;) Take care,

<3 Marie

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