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New Friends New Faces

My girlfriend Asia and I are practicing our moves–obviously partying too hard and making fools of ourselves for the camera. She is young, only 19–and a sexy stripper who I picked up at the club one night and we’ve been friends ever since.

She likes to have “lingerie parties” over at my place. Not even five minutes after this girl enters my door her pants are off. Remember that I have a stripper pole in my house? She loves it. As much as she loves the limelight. But she is an excellent instructor in the art of pole dancing. And I love her sexy tight body. This girl is SUCH a tease! She claims to not suck dick!! And @RinEvangeline is my NEW ROOMMATE!!!! Her and I are like, WTF?! YOU DON’T SUCK DICK? HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SUCK DICK???!!! But regardless, this chick is hardcore, smart, and reminds me of myself when I was 19. So we’ve become besties. And tomorrow night we are having a dysfunctional family dinner. It’s like a potluck. Asia and Rin will be there. I’m baking cheesecake. :) Rin is making homemade mac n cheese (true to her Midwestern roots) and Asia is making Shepherds Pie.

I will be documenting this transition into my new family dynamic, as RinEvangeline and I share a home and run a porn business together. (We plan on launching a couple new sites very soon!) So please stay tuned. I promise to not leave you hanging again, my dear Fan.

I am back, and here to stay. As long as my milk does. And even after. ;) Take care,

<3 Marie

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