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This is how I feel about ANR. It is my response to the laws (particularly in Virginia) regarding adult nursing, and how this pleasurable experience is revoked in the name of “prostitution”. Just some quick thoughts of mine. Thought you’d enjoy my face :)

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Breast Milk For Men



Why I <3 Breastgasms

 Wanna Drink From the Tap??

So what is ANR, and why is it so appealing and so taboo? Wet nursing has been sought after and satiated for centuries. By wet nursing, I mean an adult (male or female) drinking the milk from the breast of a lactating woman. According to an adult nursing survey by Love Lait, “Over 99% of respondents said they would never tell their friends about it.” So where is this shame originated? We all know why men love breasts. And we know how magical, rewarding, and bonding breastfeeding can be. So what is there to keep secret? Love Lait puts it very eloquently:

Could it be that our modern lifestyles have taken us way from the most fulfilling life choice?
Another survey shows that over 30% of people have tried it [ANR] but that fewer seriously considered it a regular possibility. Perhaps because breastfeeding has become viewed as a short term thing before going back to work and because most people think that you need to have a baby to get milk.

Wait… you DON’T need a baby to lactate? That’s right. With constant, steady nipple stimulation and suction any breasts can produce milk. Told you it was magical. And as the site, Love Lait suggests, it is a bonding and rewarding choice for couples to make together.  From my experience–my weight, body shape, moods, sexual appetite, and couple bonding time are all stabilized and balanced because of my choice to breastfeed (going on eight months now). My body was made for this, and so it celebrates my rewarding choice to continue my path as a lactating mother.

If you have always wanted to try wet nursing but never had the opportunity–remember that it starts with hope and open mindedness. It may be tricky to find the right partner, but believe that it IS possible! Many women out there love ANR as much as men do, and we are looking for someone to share the experience with.

Wet Nursing is NOT ILLEGAL in ANY STATE.

My breasts, my milk, my responsibility, and my choice.

ANR is NOT something to be ashamed of, hidden, discouraged, and labeled as “dirty”. Scientifically, it is nutritious and cancer fighting–filled with T Cells and Antibodies. It is also emotionally bonding due to the physiological release of the hormone oxytocin (the cuddling hormone). Oxytocin is also highly present during labor and postpartum periods, as well as when anyone (male or female) is petting their dog, or another close animal.

It has been proven time and time again that breastfeeding is better for babies, but it is best for everyone. Nursing is emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually nourishing. Let’s keep supporting the women and men who have embraced this lifestyle–which is our right to nourish and nurture our fellow man.

So visit Love Lait, for advice on becoming a wet nursing couple, as well as super interesting topics like, Can my husband survive on breast milk only? and What are “Breastgasms”? 

What do you guys think about ANR? Why do you think it is so taboo? Because I think it is delightful. Post publicly or Email me @ Only.The.Breast.0@Gmail.com for advice & information.

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Breast Milk For Men