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Can you blow my whistle, baby?

My top favorite songs to dance to:


1. Good Girl, Carrie Underwood

2. Starships, Nicki Minaj

3. Shake that, Eminem & Nate Dogg

4. Fastest Girl in Town, Miranda Lambert

5. I Love this Bar, Toby Keith

6. Whistle, Flo Rida

7. Bands Make Her Dance, Juicy Jay

8.  I Know The Truth, Pretty Lights

9. Motivation, Kelly Rowland

10. One More Night, Maroon 5

These are all songs that I immediately request when I go to the strip club! My top favorite right now… Also, I couldn’t resist. I bought a pole!!

Now I have my very own stripper pole in my house.

Any requests to see me practicing my new tricks? I might make a training video for all you newbies out there! It’s harder than it looks, what a work out.

I figured that’s just the accessory I needed to complete my house, make it a home. :) Haha!

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My Halloween costume represents the transformation this Harvest has left me with.

I chose to wear the butterfly costume, as I describe in my Halloween video on MilfyMarie.comTrick or Tit. The butterfly to me symbolizes change and rebirth. And I am celebrating the freedom and growth from this change, a new beauty. A new normal. As fall draws to an end, we are presented with questions challenging our very core spiritual values. Where do we stand? I’ve been searching for my moral compass for quite some time now. On this journey I have made many mistakes and fallen short of expectations. I’ve felt lonely at times and in other moments was suffocating from the attention of strangers. I’ve felt so much love and acceptance from my fellow man throughout the completion of this project, that is MilfyMarie. My fans are absolutely the most supportive people for our cause, and the most loving, respectful individuals.

My problem is this. As I venture deeper into ANR and BDSM, the line between my personal and professional lives draws thin and fades–and I am left with no reality, no “normal” anymore…just pure mania, impulsiveness, and lust. I’m really concerned that I am battling a sex addiction, brought to my attention by some concerned friends who “intervened” on my part. Maybe there is some truth to this. That I use sex as a means for healing. When it shouldn’t be used for anything. Nobody should ever be used. Sex is biological. Sex is sex. Don’t overcomplicate it, don’t overthink it. Sex is not affection. Sex is not one with love always.

Sex is passionate, deep, wide open and the mind is waiting to be taken and divulged in ecstasy.

I love to really MILK a cock…that is, make it drip out slowly. Without even touching it. The power and control over the mind–it’s more than sex. I take it to the next level and I’m not sure if that is healthy or not. I just live this life every day. Trying to run a business as a single mother in trying times. Editing, Shooting, Producing, Directing, Writing, Marketing–one day, will all rest on my shoulders.

Will I be responsible enough to handle my desires with diligence?

I have a tendency to misuse the powers God has given me. I have a tendency towards seduction.

Do you guys sometimes worry if a fetish can be, unhealthy?

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When Balloons Fight Back

Here is an entry from some behind the scenes footage of a set gone awry…I was rubbing the balloon all over my body and I guess the static cling from my jeans caused it to heat up. Not to mention I had blown up a 16 inch balloon to 24 inches. So it was ready to blow! This is for all you looners out there–and for those of you who want to see an organic, unplanned blonde moment!

I get splat! Popped in the face and the only thing I can do is grimace in pain. Sad, yet funny….so here ya go. Have a laugh at my geeky ass. It doesn’t bother me. :)

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In this portrait, I paint two lost souls and their paths merging in a moment where one needed the other just as much as each other.

It was love (and lust) at first sight. Sitting quietly at a bar, she fumbles with her phone. He can’t help but stare…She is confident and holds her head high. She gracefully sips from her cup with piercing eyes. He looks at her with a hungry stare–Here she was–prime, ripe meat ready to be devoured. His gaze moves from the tip of her heel and travels up to her ankle. Fighting the urge to break the buckle that clasps the straps holding onto the curves of her feet, he comments to himself, “So ladylike…yet loose, and free.” His admiration brought along jealousy. Oh, how he yearned to worship those feet. But he was a weak man, a bad boy. Impatience is his vice. He couldn’t even see her toes–which were covered by bare stockings, held up by a tight black garter belt. The frustration built, and almost blew. Blue in heart and blue in balls. And who was this man, anyway? I mean, really. What did he have to offer? Painting and pressure washing isn’t sexy. He has no money. Working for his brother, never living up to the standard set by his own father. Overweight. And a sex maniac. Where on earth would this man find a woman to get his life under control? With an apartment as messy as his, and a hardcore sex addiction–where would a twenty-one year old blonde fit into the life of a man like this? He had to figure out…How, for the life of him, would he impress or woo her? Well, one casual conversation opened a can of worms, and this story is not for the faint at heart. It only took one night. And one casual phrase–to change the lives of both of them forever.

Stay Tuned for Part Two of this Segment…Crossdressing

In tomorrow’s update (11-14-12), find out what happens between the man and the woman and how they provide the sexual freedom that the other needs, how they learn that fantasies do become a reality. This story is meant to reveal the secret life of a cuckold man and how he reveals his true nature in the privacy of his company with Mistress Marie.

xoxo, MilfyMarie

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