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Lactation and breast feeding are my life. It’s all I can do to take in enough calories to fill up my breasts to the point of engorgement. Once they’re full, I let down the flood gates and relax–the milk lets down and I pump or hand express a spray like you wouldn’t believe.

When I’m not churning out milk breastfeeding I enjoy doing yoga, reading and writing poetry, cooking, photography, modeling, surfing, and having sex. I am kind of a freak even though you couldn’t tell by looking at me. Sometimes the guys want to stop, but I’m not finished fucking. I masturbate at least twice a day. That isn’t easy when you’re a MOM raising a family! So I have this forum, to release all of my pent up sexual frustrations out on you. Let’s do it doggy style. :] That’s also my favorite way to masturbate.

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