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Porn Moms

We all love a MILF. In fact, no one on this planet would be here without one. Luckily I was blessed with stretch-mark free genes, however there ARE trade offs! It is never easy to bring life into this dimension–it is a human sacrifice for sure! So, in honor of the moms who squeeze, cheese, and bring you to your knees–

Celebrating their one month birthday, @BoyGirlGirl introduces my fellow

@PornMoms: Retweeting the Best MILFS on Twitter!


And we are a force to be reckoned with!


@Jessica_Rayne http://www.JessicaRaynexXx.com

@KendraLust http://www.kendralust.cammodels.com/

@JaylaDiamond http://www.inbedwithjayla.com/

@LeyaFalcon http://www.freeones.com/html/l_links/Leya_Falcon/

@CaptnThundrCunt Sasha Pain http://www.pay4tweet.com/buy.php?r=8938

@FyonaRyder Young Queen http://www.streamate.com/cam/fyonaryder69

@MILFYMARIE http://www.milfymarie.com

Other MILFS I’m hooked on are the TEEN MOM and DANCE MOMS crews. SO ridiculous, I can only take so much…but trash TV is so satisfying. It makes me feel better about myself. Oh, reality isn’t perfect??? It’s reassuring.

SNOOKI : Making a fool out of  herself but taking criticism with a smile all the way to the bank. She’s a smart one. YOU GO GIRLS.

And of course, the lovely ladies of:

Breast Milk For Men

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