They are Two Alone, Three Together, For Eachother

I’d like to start by saying HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

And for every breastfeeding MOM out there, a MAN represents the other half of that child who receives the mortal nourishment from her breast. The responsibility of the FATHER includes support–not only financially but emotionally, physically, and spiritually–of the child and the Mother on their way through the challenges that face them. BREASTFEEDING is challenging, no matter who you are or how many children you have. There are times when I felt like giving up, but it is worth it in ways that scientists don’t even know yet. Every day, a new discovery is unearthed that reveals how not even just beneficial, but NECESSARY breastfeeding is to a baby. For adults, it can be not only fun–but serve as a CURE.

New research from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine explores this paradox in a humanized mouse model, demonstrating that breast milk has a strong virus killing effect and protects against oral transmission of HIV.

In this study, mice were “humanized” by injecting them with human bone marrow, thymus and liver tissues causing them to form human immune systems–perfect for testing how the HIV virus reacts with breast milk.

“This study provides significant insight into the amazing ability of breast milk to destroy HIV and prevent its transmission,” said J. Victor Garcia, PhD, senior author on the study and professor of medicine in the UNC Center for Infectious Diseases and the UNC Center for AIDS Research. “It also provides new leads for the isolation of natural products that could be used to combat the virus.”

“These results are highly significant because they show that breast milk can completely block oral transmission of both forms of HIV that are found in the breast milk of HIV-infected mothers: virus particles and virus-infected cells,” said Angela Wahl, PhD, a post-doctoral researcher in Garcia’s lab and lead author on the paper. “This refutes the ‘Trojan horse’ hypothesis which says that HIV in cells is more stubborn against the body’s own innate defenses than HIV in virus particles.”

Basically, researchers discovered that breast milk was more powerful than the HIV virus particles. When HIV infected breastmilk was given to the mice from “HIV-negative women”, the virus was not transmitted. So the next step for scientists is to determine how they can use breastmilk as a natural cure, or to fight HIV.

Remember, research previously indicated that HIV can be transmitted THROUGH breastmilk. (I offer STD panel results to my milk purchasing clients.) Thus, the contradiction emerges.

HIV can be spread by breastfeeding (through oral transmission) but the milk contains powerful antibodies and antioxidants which fight the virus. So now it is up to researches to figure out why this happens and how to create a safe alternative to the previous assertion that HIV infected mothers should not breastfeed. What this study, done on “humanized” mice, suggests is that breastfeeding may be better for all babies–and it reveals an opportunity for more groundbreaking research to come.

A big THANK YOU to my baby’s father and to all BABY DADDIES OUT THERE :)

Reference: Science Daily |

Breast Milk For Men

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